Mes: marzo 2023

Zero Waste Day: UN calls for a war on garbage

The planet is literally drowning in garbage, and it is high time to clean up, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on Thursday, at an event in the General Assembly Hall marking the first-ever International Day of Zero Waste. 

Cosmic crops poised for harvest on Earth

UN food and atomic energy agencies are readying to reap the rewards of a ground-breaking ‘astrobotany’ investigation, announcing on Monday that seeds sent to space in 2022 are now poised to return to Earth.

UN Water Conference: reducing cross-border tensions

As water scarcity and the potential for conflicts between countries over resources increase, the UN is urging more nations to sign up to the Water Convention, designed to reduce tensions and improve international cooperation.

Running towards a global water solution

On the morning of the 2023 UN Water Conference, ultra-marathon runner Mina Guli has completed a year-long, campaign to run 200 marathons, raising awareness of the world’s water crisis. She completed her last run at UN Headquarters, the location of the major event, the first of its kind in almost half a century.